The plastic zone produced during the tunnel excavation can be represented by an equivalent plastic strain, which can be used to illustrate the extent of surrounding rock damage. Figure 12 depicts the equivalent plastic strain of the surrounding rock mass after completion of tunnel excavation.
peak stress/strain for every cyclic loading (start up cycle). Therefore some amount of plastic strain gets accumulated each cycle (Mazur, 2008). The total strain accumulated is the sum of the elastic and plastic strain. A knock down factor of 2 is considered for

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It is found that the plastic hardening moduli C i depends on accumulated plastic strain and temperature and can be described by the following expression: $C\left( {p,T} \right) = \exp \left( {a(T) + b(T)p + c(T)p^{2} } \right)$, (8)
plastic strain components acting on the solder joint. The accumulated equivalent plastic strain can be defined as: =∑∆pl eq pl ε eq ε (6) FEM MODELS To simulate thermal performance and solder reliability of LOC-TSOP, three-dimensional nonlinear finite element (FE) models are established by using the commercial software ANSYS®. The finite ...

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ANSYS Workbench 17.0 Tutorial for a Non Linear Plastic Deformation Cantilever I-Beam with uniform varying load. In this tutorial I will go over the different...
When a plastic material is subjected to a constant load, it deforms continuously (Figure 2). The initial strain is roughly redicted by its stress-strain modulus. Thep material will continue to deform slowly with time indefinitely or until rupture or yielding causes failure. The primary region is the early stage of loading when the creep rate

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εfrac σ the plastic fracture strain (true strain) of the tensile test. Rν is a function that considers the damage behavior in dependence on the triaxiality of the stress ten-sor [3]: 2 eqv (1 ) 3 (1 2) h 3 2 R σ σ ν = ⋅ + ν + ⋅ − ν ⋅ (2) where σh is the hydrostatic stress and σeqv is the von-Mises equivalent stress. The damage in-
The equivalent strain is defined similar to the "equivalent stress" or "von Mises stress". The equation for the equivalent strain is very similar to the equation for equivalent stress. Unfortunately I can't advise you to any solid literature in which the term is described. One link is the Chapter "19.12.1. Physical Interpretation of Equivalent ...

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So I think it representation beam element. finally, I got equivalent stress in line element that have crossection rectangle but ANSYS WB say not supported to calculate plastic strain in line element.
Fatigue Life Prediction of Solder Joints in Electronic Packages with ANSYS® describes the method in great detail starting from the theoretical basis. The reader is supplied with an add-on software package to ANSYS® that is designed for solder joint fatigue reliability analysis of electronic packages.

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stress is only relevant with a body strain increment V and an accumulated plastic strain +1: +1 = + = + V. e consistency condition is +1 = + V trial +1 + V =0. ( ) Solving ( ), we obtain the updated stress +1: +1 = trial +1 V. ( ) e above calculation assumes the return to the apex singularity but actually also solves +1 to judge whether to
deviatoric stress, a as a parameter effects the plastic strain; b as a parameter effects the plastic strain by controlling the increasing rate of loadings times N; m and n are index parameters by influencing dynamic and static deviatoric stress. According to the research of Chai and Miura [10], n=1 when the accumulated plastic strain is linear ...

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ANSYS workbench is rather unusual in how it takes inputs for stress-strain curves. Typically, the strain data in stress-strain curves represents total strain. ANSYS workbench requires that the user inputs plastic strain instead of total strain. The total strain must be converted into plastic strain before it can be used with ANSYS workbench.
The equivalent strains use an effective Poisson's ratio: for elastic and thermal this value is set by the user (MP,PRXY); for plastic and creep Contains proprietary and confidential information of ANSYS, Inc. and its subsidiaries and affiliates

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(b) Let us assume principal strain theory. The principal strain introduced in this case is as follows : e 1 = 300 /E - ( 0.3 x (200 /E)) = 240/E. This much of strain might be generated in uniaxial tension by a stress of 240 MP a and therefore, the equivalent stress in according to principal strain theory is 240 MP a. (c) Maximum shear stress ...
-Get solution of equivalent total strain set up-Get user defined solution of = EPPLEQV set up when study runs, you'll notice the total strain starts accumulating from t = 0, and the EPPLEQV will accumulate after it starts the plastic range.-Get the time plastic deformation starts on your geometry of interest

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ANSYS supports both hypo-viscoelastic and large-strain hyperviscoelasticity. The large-strain viscoelasticity implemented is based on the formulation proposed by Simo. The viscoelastic behavior is specified separately by the underlying hyperelasticity and relaxation behavior.
Equivalent Stress (SEPL) 等效应力,在硬化模型下,屈服应力的当前值,还记得在屈服准则中,看的是等效应力与输入的屈服应力之间的关系吧。 Accumulated Plastic Strain (EPEQ) 累积塑性应变,指在变形历史中,塑性应变率在某一路径上的总和

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ANSYS Mechanical APDL Command Reference - Free ebook download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read book online for free. ansys apdl
DIANA calculates the equivalent Von Mises strain according to = (32.3) With the deviatoric strains: (32.4) The engineering strains are defined as: = 2 x (32.5)
incrementally accumulated at the end of a time step. D=0 means “no damage“ and is the initial value for all elements. This damage also includes the prompt plastic deformation of the structure. The damage increment is: with being the creep fracture strain of the uniaxialεfrac cr creep test at constant stress and temperature and being ...
The time-independent plastic strain and time-dependent creep strain is difficult to separate in higher stress level. In order to study the constitutive behavior using a state variable visco-plastic approach, the creep and plastic strain can be combined into inelastic strain. One commonly used visco-plastic model for solder is the Anand model [3-4].
Stress-strain curves during cyclic strain-controlled testing of copper: (a) fully annealed condition, (b) partially annealed condition, and (c) cold-worked condition. The area within a hysteresis loop is energy dissipated during a cycle (usually in the form of heating). This energy represents the plastic work from the cycle.

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